Some mail providers recognize mails from our server erroneously as junk mail.

Make sure to check your junk mail folder, maybe the message got redirected there.
If you can not find the confirmation mail, please contact us.

In the app, use the 'forgot password?' option at the login popup.

After you entered your email address, an email will be sent to you with further instructions to change your password.

To be able to add an observation, you must be logged in.

There are two ways to add an observation:

Current Location
Simply tap on your current location in the observation map view and tap on the 'new observation' icon.

Pin Drop (Other Location)
To add an observation at an arbitrary location, go to the observation map view, tap and hold on the position where you want your observation be stored until a new pin occurs on that position.
You can move the pin around by tapping and holding on the pin.
After the pin has the desired location, perform a single tap on the pin and tap on the 'new observation' icon.